Mesothelioma cancer – My medical diagnosis

My name is Itzik Keidar and, I fit, quite well with “Cancer” “medical diagnosis” and “treatments” (For me, they are just words ..!). It’s been 12 years since I had surgery to remove my type of cancer and thank God … I’m always defeating him, all the Way! Here is my story.12 years ago, I had a melanoma cancer.Melanoma of the skin is not as painful as mesothelioma, but it is definitely as nasty, and it had to be removed.After the operation, my doctor informed me that I will probably have the same type of cancer at 2 years old unless I visit the hospital every day for the next 3 years and get interferon injections.

I remember having thought … “If I’m going to follow the doctor’s recommendations, it will make me aware of the word” cancer “every day and give him the power that this word does not have any deserve. I do not recommend doing the same, but Regardless of my wife’s opinion, I made a decision not only to reject the treatments but also to ignore periodic medical monitoring. deep in my heart, I knew! That if God decides to take my life, then so be it. Today, 12 years later, I am ignorant, even, the word “cholesterol” and stick to my that death Insight is a part of life! Accept this idea alone changed all my life.To have the courage to do what I did, we must have a very strong belief For me, it was more than a conviction, I knew that everything will be fine:;: ..;:; I think it’s a very good thing that you’re gaining information to make your decisions.

Since my father died of lung cancer, I know how difficult it is to cope with it without enough information available. I believe, that knowledge and information are a very important element in the process of overcoming mesothelioma cancer or any other type of cancer.Understanding that you, or a member of your family, are the one who, confronted With Mesothelioma Diagnosis and you have the ability and the right to make the decisions yourself, is above all keep in mind. Only you know what you really are capable of! When you ask for answers and you feel confused, come back here and ask.I am all here for you and I can tell you some good mesothelioma resources. you are not alone! you, and good luck with your trip Sincerely


I'm a web blogger specialized in providing information about the mesothelioma cancer disease caused by the asbestos exposure contamination.

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