Mesothelioma cancer : Your Health at Risk

Are You At Risk Of Mesothelioma? If you are above 40 and you have never been exposed to asbestos for more than 2 months in the last 15-40 years, then you are at risk for mesothelioma. It is a rare but lethal cancer of the cells of the membrane that covers certain vital parts of our body like lungs, abdominal and cardiac cavity, called mesothelium. As in other cancers, mesothelioma in the membrane cells ruthlessly split causing abnormal growth, which ultimately damage the lining of the vital organ like the lungs and abdomen. Mesothelioma Causes Asbestos minerals, used in various processes, including construction, shipyard and manufacturing at the time of the Second World War and for a few decades, is the leading cause of mesothelioma.

Research has shown that those who have worked in asbestos-related industries are at higher risk for mesothelioma. The minute asbestos particles go into the human body through the nose or mouth during inhalation, talking or any other reason. They reach the lungs or abdomen and damage the mucous membrane, causing mesothelioma. Due to its long latency period, mesothelioma can attack you even 15 – 40 years after inhalation of asbestos particles. Even the family members of the person working in asbestos-related industries might be vulnerable to mesothelioma. Treatments of Mesothelioma Because Mesothelioma is a newly discovered disease, many doctors may not be able to diagnose. However, if you have a history of asbestos exposure, you should ask your doctor to look for the symptoms of this disease.

The good news is that there is a treatment of mesothelioma in the early stages. Some treatment options for mesothelioma cancers are surgical removal of the tissues performed; Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, the prognosis of patients with subsequent mesothelioma is dark and the average survival time after diagnosis is 12-24 months. Mesothelioma Compensations The owners of asbestos-related industries were very aware of the health risks of asbestos. However, they persisted in its use without issuing warnings or taking measures to avoid health risks. This is the reason why US courts have received huge sums that compensate for mesothelioma patients / families by companies / individuals responsible for the onset of exposure to asbestos.


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